Tuesday, November 6, 2012

S4: Fall Security Geek Meetup

Officially announcing the next round of adult beverages, grub, security networking, and good talks.

What: S4: Fall, 2012.
When: November 28, 2012 
Where: 145 Bluxome, San Francisco
Who: Awesome people in security
How much: Nothin, Zipp, Zero, None: Sponsored by OpenDNS


Need speakers. If you want to speak please say so on the online form above.

Some proposed topics I would love to see....

* Is there a place for offense in cyber outside .MIL?
* Top 3 things that HAVE to change to make us more successful
* Radical ideas on solving the security problems
* Data mining LARGE sets for predictive analysis
* 3 ways to drink beer while standing on head

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